20 June 2007

Well that was...obvious

As Giles said when the first slayer was trying to kill them in their dreams. What was obvious? We-elll, Dovi went out about 20:00 last night. I was doing a bit of yard work and had the garage open. You can probably see what's coming next. I closed the garage door, and then spent the next 14 hours wondering what had happened to her. I was panicked, started reading up on kitten-care-by-human, picked up kitten formula, etc. Then I opened the garage with some insane idea of using a ladder to peer over a neighbor's fence to see if somehow she'd gotten stuck/hurt on the other side. I did say insane, okay? But then when I opened the garage, there she was. So I got her inside to the kittens, where she wolfed down some food, and the kittens chirped quite happily. Incidentally, goat's milk is considered to be much better for cats than cow's milk. Not sure why. But since I only use goat's milk, I lucked out, as I didn't read that bit of info until after attempting to feed the kittens. Also, they liked the eye-dropper I had on hand better than the baby bottle I picked up when I got the formula. But they now have a slight head-start on eating solid foods, as a few ventured to try the kitten-chow soaked in goat's milk.

And since I started with a quote, I'll close with another one. "Well, I won't be makin' that mistake again." (Captain Barbossa) So now I just have to wait for the adrenaline to wear off, and then I'll probably be completely nonfunctional for the rest of the day.

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