24 June 2007


*sighs* There's a new Anita Blake book out. I saw it at Fred Meyer, read the jacket, and, eventually, looked up reviews online. Sounds like there's been a bit of improvement, at least, but I'm a bit fed up with Laurell K. Hamilton at the moment. I'll wait for it to come down in price. Right now there are used copies on Amazon for $12. When there are some at, say, $5 or $1, I might be interested.

As I've mentioned before, the books were very, very good up through Obsidian Butterfly. Then LKH started a new series. I think this was a bad move. After the new series started, LKH found an excuse to make Anita more like the main character in the other series (might have been a subconscious effort to converge the two; might have been intentional). The other series also split her attention, so that she had separate bits of researching to do. Since the Anita-verse was well-established, it was probably inevitable that some things there would fall through the cracks.

The only thing that might have tempted me to pay full cover price for this latest one is the presence of Edward. However, one of the reviewers complained extensively about how he was basically there as a prop, not as a character, so there goes that. I'll wait. Oh, for anyone who's interested, the title of the book is Harlequin. Which always makes me think of a Harlan Ellison story that begins: "Harlequin!" said the tick-tock man.

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