13 June 2007

Pictures of What I've been Up To

Pictures of some of the stuff I mentioned in the last post below the fold. I was going to put up some pictures of garden/yard stuff as well... but I decided what I had was enough.

This is the new table. If you look closely, you can see a crack in one of the curved legs...which is probably why I got such a good deal on it. If it becomes an issue, I can always fill it. Trying to glue it would likely cause it to crack somewhere else. Also visible: a blossom print from Target, a fan print from Shopko, the tray/basket from Aunt Bee and family, an Asian style light from Target (with glaringly obvious cord), a Peña cottage, part of the mirror I put up this fall, and a bit of curtain.

I suppose a pagan would call this an "altar." I don't really like the word. Shrine isn't much better. *checks thesaurus* Reliquary might be okay AM: I've decided I like tabula better. The Buddha candle holder actually came from Target, as did the teacups. I don't remember where the smaller Buddha came from, nor the Guan Yin at right, though she's sitting on an incense holder that came with incense I got at Yellowstone. The cloth is a Japanese handkerchief (hmmm... where have I been lately that might have had Japanese stuff... ;^) The rocks are also from the trip out to Portland. The one on the left has an Om "carved" into (actually, I suspect it's a cast, rather than a carved rock). The one at right was found at a Columbia River lookout point, and looks like it has finger impressions in it. The coaster at center came from Estes Park (and is useless as a coaster; it just sticks to the glasses). The mala came from the Nepal Tibet Import store in Fort Collins. Spencer carved the little yinyang for me, though I painted it. The stuff on the coaster that you can't really see includes a fluorite worry stone (glued back together at least twice; fracture line), a metal lady bug, and a bit of bark. And at the front corners are some Sari coasters from Pier 1 that actually work as coasters.

This is the newish light fixture in the yellow hallway. You can also see a cheap fan and some very nice butterflies that I found at the dollar store. I was looking for something to replace the autumn leaves from fall.

New "curtains" for the light-hole in my front door. Actually they're dish towels, hung up with curtain clips. And they will be replaced soon with something that actually matches *crosses fingers* the purple curtains around the rest of the room. Assuming the dye job turns out on a different set of dish towels. Though I might continue using these ones in the kitchen... The chime in the middle of the rod is from the Nepal Tibet Import Store.

And lastly we have my new porchlight. I think it came from Lowe's. It was one of their cheaper ones, and one of the very very few that I liked. The others that I liked were mostly out of my price range. The mid-price ones were mostly hideous, imo.

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