27 March 2006

Pictures Galore

I finally cleaned a bunch of images out of my camera, many from the blizzard. I'll share the ones I like the most.

Triple Candelabra

When Flash Meets Snow

Same View, Sans Flash

Jean Luc in the Snow


kate said...

I'm assuming Jean Luc is your car?

Qalmlea said...

Yup. :^D

John said...

I talk to my car a lot. Usually pleading and bribing. I haven't gone quite so far as to give it a name though.

Qalmlea said...

*looks puzzled* How can you talk to your car if it doesn't have a name? That's silly! ;^)

John said...

I'm thinking of naming it "Vera."

Aunt Bee said...

That is a vera nice name for a car.