19 March 2006

Too Good not to Share

I recently discovered that Neil Gaiman keeps a web-journal. He has written some excellent books, including American Gods and Neverwhere, and he was the writer for the Sandman comic book series (highly recommended both for artwork and story). This recent entry was wonderfully entertaining, though I'm sure it was a bit worrisome when the letter first arrived. Basically, a law firm requesting removal of a link that does not exist on Neil's site.

Okay, I'll try not to post anything else today. I'm sort of in hyperactive avoidance mode, which means I'm trying to do useful things that do not involve grading papers. There will be massive grading sessions later to haunt me, but I don't care at this particular moment. I've got plenty of other things that need doing. Like, making blog entries. And cooking dinner. And rearranging the living room. And cleaning the living room. And washing dishes. And rambling on aimlessly...

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