05 March 2006

A Recipe for Indigestion

I haven't said much about my parents lately. Mom's been a lot happier since she moved in with Grandma (despite having to deal with Grandma's problems), and Dad's been rather improved as well. Mom and Dad get along a lot better when they don't see each other very much. Before Dad retired, he worked swingshift (16:00 to midnight), while Mom worked a regular 9:00 to 17:00 job. So they saw each other for very short periods of time. Then Dad retired. Now that they're back to seeing each other for very short periods of time again, they are getting along better. Note that Mom has not told my dad that she does not plan to move back, EVER. *sighs*

However, my dad is still insisting on separate bank accounts, and keeps strict track of who pays for meals when they eat out. I generally eat out with them once a week, on Sunday at noon. Today I was treated to an argument over whose turn it was, and had to listen to my dad's ludicrous posturing and scheming. Needless to say, I didn't eat much. I also didn't stick around for very long; as soon as I'd eaten all I could stand, I walked over to the nearest store (happened to be a Rite-Aid). Mostly, I've been trying to ignore it when they discuss whose "turn" it is...this is the first time it's turned into an argument, and I really hope it doesn't become a habit.

On a happier note, I've gotten most of the Math 123 homework graded. Haven't even looked at the Math015 tests, but as it's likely that someone will need to take it tomorrow morning, anyway, it's just as easy if they don't get them back until Wednesday.

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