26 March 2006

Odds and Ends (and one new Parcel)

Power's back on. It's been on since about 9:00 this morning, judging by the elapsed time on some reset clocks. Still haven't gotten pictures off of my camera, so no blizzard pics. I find it incredibly amusing that there were three inches of snow on the ground this morning...and now it's all gone!

I find that I'm prioritizing tasks by whichever seems the least annoying. Today, Matrix homework was less annoying than grading math homework. So I worked on Matrix homework (I'm a week behind, as I didn't do anything at all with it over break; I THINK I can catch up this week, though). I've been doing a bit of cleaning and rearranging as well. I finally took apart my defunct shoe chest that had been by the door. It would no longer open without Herculean effort...I'm considering making a cupboard/hideaway desk out of it.

Anyway, when I got sick of matrix homework (and decided that I needed some reference books from my office for one problem), I started writing more for my Devil Falls story. For some reason, this one is breaking down into sections. Prologue, Diaspora (referring to magic, not people), Interlude, Fanning the Flames. The Diaspora section is already nearly as long as the entire Parsival story was. And needs to be extended a bit, but that will wait.

And the most important bit of news: Kim and Spence have a new baby! Congratulations to them! (Incidentally, I really hope this is Kim's last kid; pregnancy does NOT agree with her. I fear for her safety if she has another. Unfortunately, she told me once she was planning on 3. *sighs*).

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kate said...

As I mentioned on Matt's blog, I hate snow when it's supposed to be spring. Even when it lasts only a few hours. But I shall survive...