19 March 2006


A very odd dream last night, probably partially inspired by Fibonacci's Borg-dream (if he doesn't post it, ask him about it sometime; it's quite fascinating).

I'm not sure if it was a post-apocalyptic future or an attempt to colonize an alien world. Could have been either, really. My POV character was Morgan Dye (a character in my Devil Falls stories). She had wound up leading an isolated segment of the colony that had undergone some massive trauma. Details are sketchy, but all the leaders were killed, as were many of the colonists. Others were missing.

Morgan finds an old monorail system, inhabited by a strange giant centipede, that at first I thought was the monorail car. She gets part of the monorail line working again, and discovers that the centipede avoids those parts of the rail she's managed to hook up to electricity again. She also finds a stash of supplies, but it's nothing particularly useful (100 'O's, some other type of food, and several thousand shoes; I think an 'O' was an Oreo cookie). Anyway, eventually she and the remaining colonists use the monorail hook up with a larger group, led by Spencer (good friend of mine; not sure how he wound up leader of an alien colony ;^). He's not happy with Morgan for holding out on him about the supplies, though he calms down when he finds out there wasn't much of use. It turns out that many of Morgan's missing colonists had preceded them, and had tried to start a revolution, casting out all who were "impure." They had been driven off before they could do much damage.

Fragmented bit here, where we turn to a book (either left by the insane colonists, or that Morgan had found with the supplies). The pages are black with white writing and it details the coming of one who will drive out all impurities. Morgan is convinced this...being...is haunting the cave/tunnel system where the monorail runs, and she has an image of a cloaked figure with glowing eyes.

And there the dream ends. I think they were planning to hunt the creature down, and preparing for battle against his converts.

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