25 March 2006

Batteries and Dial-Up

Just as I noticed an "Extreme Thunderstorm Warning" on the Weather Channel, poof! Out goes the power. Still out, in fact. Lap-tops with batteries are a wonderful thing. Phonelines are still working (obviously) and my mom said SHE still has power... I'll give it another hour, but be prepared to go over there. Mainly for the heat. I don't mind the lack of lights. I finally found a practical use for my triple candelabra!

Anyway, I don't want to stay on too long with a thunderstorm nearby, so Gute Nacht.


Fibonacci said...

I wondered what happened to you suddenly. :)

Qalmlea said...

Yeah, just as I started to type, "Hey, the power went out," so did the DSL, which is connected to the power AND the phone.