31 March 2006

Brief lucidity (entirely caffeine free)

I had a few dreams last night. One of them turned lucid for a brief span of time. I was walking down a corridor, and suddenly knew that I was dreaming. There was some situation I was trying to deal with (details are gone now), and I began wondering how much the "rules" of the dream itself would limit my actions. For some reason, there were lots of outdoor rugs in this corridor (the green spiky ones that are supposed to trap dirt). As soon as I stepped through a door, the luidity was gone.

The next bit I remember may be a separate dream entirely. There was a woman (Russian, I think) who had been confined to her penthouse. I'm not sure if she was going to be put on trial or if she was a witness. Judging by her actions, she was probably the one on trial. The cops had thoroughly searched her apartment, and taken away anything that might be obviously helpful. Good thing she'd put the dust jacket for a romance novel over that book on picking locks... I'm not sure how she planned to get out, though, since the locks were all on doors leading down to the lower levels of the building, which were certainly guarded. Which meant she needed a way OFF of the building. But I woke up before I could see what she was planning.

And I've decided that headache probably was caffeine withdrawal. I recently switched to decaffeinated tea in the mornings (but was still getting caffeine from other sources), and apparently my body didn't like it. Well, I showed it. I cut out ALL caffeine entirely. So there. Wednesday the headache was a bit better. It was almost gone yesterday. Today, there are small twinging remnants, but otherwise it's gone. I've been needing more sleep than usual, but I think once I get the last of it out of my system, that should go back to normal. *sighs* Two weird things in this: On the trip to Colorado, I got very little caffeine with no side effects; and when I've gotten addicted to caffeine in the past, I've woken up craving, say, chocolate or other food items containing caffeine. No such signal this time. And I really didn't think I'd been getting very much caffeine, anyway. But I could ramble on and on and on and on and on—*slaps wrist*—so I'll stop.

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