28 March 2006

Pain. Head. Tired.

I'm not quite as incoherent as that title sounds, but I've had a screaming headache nearly all day. Taiji helped some. I'm wondering if it's caffeine withdrawal, actually...except that I don't think I've gotten myself addicted to caffeine again. It's that kind of headache, though. So if it's not a withdrawal headache, I must have one heckuva cold coming on. *sighs*

I'd be in bed by now, except I promised my 015 classes I'd bring their current averages tomorrow when they take their test. Which meant I had to get grades entered in and averaged out. It's easier with my Pocatello classes, since grades get entered in as soon as I get the grading done. My IF classes, I tend to grade in the half hour before class and I just write them in my notebook. But they're in, now.

We didn't do much in Math 123 tonight. I had hoped to let them go waaaay early, but they had lots of questions about two sections of homework (they REALLY don't like the golden mean or the quadratic formula: which means they definitely need to spend more time with them ;^). Then I realized that we still had a bit of Chapter 9 to go, so we looked at gnomons and similar shapes. We'd done rectangles already, but not triangles or rings. But there was nothing really new tonight; just a chance to recoup and review. I haven't decided if I'll do any of Chapters 10 or 11 yet, or if I'll just move on to 12... Chapter 10 has linear and exponential growth, which is important. Chapter 11 doesn't really interest me that much, so far (symmetries...the tiling stuff is cool, but I would like to understand it better before teaching it). Chapter 12 is Mandelbrot stuff.

Okay. Sleep now.


John said...

They are having trouble with the quadratic formula, and you want to introduce them to fractals?

Qalmlea said...

Very, very very basics of fractals. Mainly the idea of repeating patterns withing patterns within patterns.

John said...

That could go okay, I guess.

I wish my math classes had contained any fractal stuff. I had to teach myself.