06 March 2006


Mom: "I assume you've covered up your car window by now."
Me: "No."
Mom: "What if it snows tonight?"
Me: "Then snow will get in the car."

Then Mom went on a big rant about how my car seat would never dry out again, and rot and mildew and smell like rotting corpses (she didn't say that, but she implied it), and only stopped when I agreed to take a blanket out to cover it when I got home. So there is now a blanket to keep the worst of the weather out. As it's getting fixed tomorrow, it really wasn't worth it to get out the clear plastic and duct tape.

Another conversation:
Mom: "Have you gotten all the glass out of your car yet?"
Me: "No."
Mom: *gives me a look*
Me: "Hey, I had to leave it on the street essentially unlocked for a few hours tonight. I figured if it was covered in glass, no one would want to steal it."
Mom: *sighs and nods*


Aunt Bee said...

I relate to that conversation on two fronts: I am a mother and a daughter. Sigh...

Qalmlea said...

LOL! :^D Window is now fixed, and the glass place got nearly all the glass out, so both problems are solved. (My car door apparently has an odd shape, so they couldn't get down and get all of the glass out... they tell me it may crackle once in a while. *shrugs*)