21 March 2006

Untypical Tuesday

My jump drive has been sputtering lately. Last night it almost wouldn't connect to my primary computer, so I backed up all its files. This morning I checked it on the laptop, and it did the same thing. So I wandered over to Office-Max and lucked into a sale on travel drives. My old one held 128 MB, and never got filled up, but it was only $25 for one that held 512 MB, so I got it. I figure I'll dismantle the now-defunct one sometime and see what made it tick.

I also wandered over to TJ Maxx, and found some very strange dessert-size bowls. They have a stylized Asian style cat inside and out. I found them rather cute, and cheering, so I got two of them. (Not much has been cheering to me lately, so I consider this a justified expense)

After I got to my office, I realized that both my math 123 book and the tests were at home... Not good, since I normally don't go home until AFTER Math 123. So I skipped Matrix analysis to go home and get them, and just stayed to grade the tests. It is extremely sad that grading tests sounded much better than going to class.

We'll spend part of class going over the tests, then we're starting on Fibonacci sequences. I haven't decided how much I'll add to what's in the book. I guess I'll head back up to my office and start thinking about that now.


kate said...

Our whole computer has been sputtering lately. It's becoming quite a nuisance, really. Meh.

Qalmlea said...

I know that feeling, unfortunately. If you don't have any spyware-catchers, you might try one and see if you've caught some unwanted software that's slowing it down. (Ad- Aware is a reputable one that at least offers a free scan; you may have to pay for the program itself)

Aunt Bee said...

We do have Ad-Aware, the free version. It does clean up for free, but I tried Spyware Doctor (which will scan for free but not fix) and it says there are several on our computer that Ad-Aware isn't catching. It may be that the for pay Ad-Aware would catch them. I'm not sure which direction I will go.