26 March 2006


I stayed at my mom's house last night, and as of an hour ago, the power was still out at my place. I was expecting it to be back on this morning, so I did a bit of hunting and found a local news site with this article on it. Basically, power's out all over the place between here and IF. I've got some nice pictures of the blizzard from last night, but I forgot to grab my connector to get them off of the camera, so those will wait.

At my place, the wind didn't do very much damage (aside from the power outage). A few branches from my neighbor's tree are in my yard, and that's about it. In fact, I think I heard those branches fall shortly before the power went out. I heard some enormous gusts of wind at that time. The power did flicker a few times at Mom's place, but that was about it. So I'm hanging out here, and hoping it's back on by tonight. If not, Mom's going to have a houseguest for a few days. :^)

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Aunt Bee said...

We went out during the part of the storm that hit here last night and it was the coldest most driving rain I have ever experienced, and I was in Yellowstone on New Years with 15 below temps. I am not saying it was colder weather than there, just wet, wet, cold, bone-chilling rain. Of course, I was in very warm clothing at Yellowstone since the temps were expected. This storm (even though my mom told me there was a severe storm watch on at that time) took us by surprise by its intensity. Our tv station was out for several hours, but I wasn't watching and didn't notice.