18 March 2006


We got back last night, much to my surprise. Mom has never wanted to drive the whole way in one day before. Usually I suggest we might go further and she vetoes it instantaneously. So I was expecting we'd stop in Rock Springs. We were due to get there at 16:30. Then my mom asked how I was doing for driving, as she would like to make it further. I quickly switched my mental gears around, and said that I was okay to drive some more. So we got gas in Rock Springs and continued on. My mom drove after we got off the interstate and turned north towards Kemmerer, where we stopped and ate. I still had a "back-up" meal left from Fort Collins, and found a microwave in a gas station to heat it up in; my parents ate at the Subway in the same gas station. My mom drove to Cokeville, then we switched.

I was nearly wide awake at this point, and the fog woke me up further. It was thick enough that I had to slow down. I seemed to automatically choose a speed that gave me at least three seconds of road visibility in front of us. It continued off and on most of the way to Montpelier, petered out for a bit, then was back again either right before or right after Soda Springs. In Montpelier, Mom asked if I wanted to stop. "No, I'm good."
"Isn't the fog driving you crazy?"
"No, actually I'm enjoying it. It's helping keep me awake, too."

So we made it back into Pocatello around 19:30 make that 21:30... (3 hours would be very a impressive time, especially considering the stop for food, and the slow-down for fog). Judging by the snow on the ground this morning, it was probably just as well.

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