24 April 2008


I've been unusually tired this week, and I'm not sure why. I think it might be either a minor cold or middling allergies. So while I'm working on waking up, I'll maunder a bit about my week.

Tuesday I fell asleep in the afternoon. I often take an hour nap on T/Th. When the timer went off, I was in some deep stage of sleep, and knew that waking up all the way would be near impossible, so I reset the alarm for 40 more minutes. Then when it went off again, I made some Yerba Maté tea, which kept me awake through my evening class.

Wednesday I woke up to an odd dream. I don't remember details now, but Tip from SkinHorse was the POV character, having issues with a talking lion (and there was a talking lion in the comic a month or two back). So far as I know, this is the first time I've dreamt about a web-comic or its characters.

Then last night was the last Symphony concert of the season. Also the last guest conductor. When Dr. George walked out, they didn't have time to find a permanent replacement, so they've been playing musical-conductors (no pun intended) this season, but it looks like they've got someone lined up for next season. He's got a good reputation, and the preview of the schedule looked pretty good. Also, they've moved the Symphonies to Friday night instead of Wednesday. On the one hand, I'll never have an evening class on Fridays to interfere. On the other, I always get up early on Saturdays to make it to my taiji class in IF. Ah well.

Anyway, I need some more calories if I'm going to make it to my first class and give them their last in class test.

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