28 April 2008

Small Accomplishments

Between the air purifier and the pseudo-ephedrine*, I've been functioning much better. Especially considering that today the pollen levels were in the "high" range (link). We've also, finally, had a few warm days...set to end Wednesday, which is okay as I'm stuck inside for 90% of Wednesday. But I've started work on my little garden plot, digging buckets of dandelions and mallow and pulling out some nasty grass roots when I find them. What I needed to do was cover it in black plastic before the winter set in, but that should have been done, say, October, which was when I got sick for the first time that school term.

I think my digging of dandelions in that area last year made quite a difference. I haven't found nearly as many with deep, two foot tap roots. Actually, I haven't found any. FYI, dandelions are perennials. I did not realize this until I started trying to decrease their numbers in my yard. Also, I'm pleased to note that I have none in my front yard, while my neighbors to the north have some actually blooming already. Last year, I was quick with the shovel whenever I saw any in the front yard. It seems to have been effective.

Oh, and my hollyhocks are coming back. The two biennials are definitely going to make it. The perennial seems to be slower, but I think I saw a new leaf this week, so it might make it.

I don't think I mentioned it, but my garage door got stuck this winter, on a day when I wasn't up to dealing with it...and it didn't get dealt with until last Saturday, as a matter of fact. It is now closed. And if I can figure out what I did with the other opener cable, I think I can fix it without calling in any repair peoplings. The only issue is how, exactly, the cables fit into the grooves on the reel. If I get them in right, then I should be able to click "open" on the opener and it will wind itself back up properly. For anyone else with a low-clearance garage door that gets stuck: Unhook the cables from either side of the door. That will allow it to close. You can then detangle the cables at your leisure...so long as you haven't misplaced one of them.

Hmmm... One more. My last sets of in class tests are now graded. I have a few more homeworks to check-off and/or grade, and then nothing but final exams. I've even got the spreadsheets ready so that grades will be calculated automatically as soon as all the scores are entered.

*I've also tried the newer phenylephrine. Basically, it will clear out the nose but not the sinuses, at least for me. So if I've got a sinus headache, the phenylephrine doesn't do a thing for it but the pseudoephedrine takes it out almost instantly. *shrugs*

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