04 April 2008


It's finally starting to feel like spring 'round these parts. Time for me to get back in shape. I know that a big part of the reason I've been having more problems with my asthma is simple lack of walking. Walking a fair distance opens something up in my lungs that nothing else seems to, and vastly improves my breathing...if I do it on a regular basis. I'd also like to get back up to a decent walking speed, even with Buster in tow. Not so long ago, I could make it from my dad's house to Chubbuck Road and back in just under an hour (roughly 4 miles). Today I made it from my dad's house to the interstate and back in maybe 80 minutes (roughly 3 miles). Admittedly, that included time to stop and play with Buster, and to give him a chance to romp, but I'd like to do better. If I can get that down to an hour, then I'll try tacking on the extra distance to Chubbuck Road.

And no ducks today, sad to say. The canal was dry where Buster and I were walking. He was quite well behaved on the way out, and got more unruly as we headed for home. I think he was trying to conserve energy on the way out, and figured he had plenty to spare once we'd turned around. Ah well. He's still vastly improved from last spring when I first started walking him.

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