20 April 2008

Chili's in Pocatello

I finally got around to trying Chili's. It opened...around Christmas, I think. It's one of the few national chains to be responsible about food allergies. The current menu has allergen information for all of the most common food allergies. Bear in mind that they update this quite frequently. I have no idea if the same link will take you to the updated version after 30 April or not. The updates are necessary because they may change suppliers, or suppliers may change ingredients.

I had the Guilt-Free salmon, and it's probably the best salmon in town right now. Sizzler's is extraordinarily dry and always tastes old. Red Lobser's ... is just bland, especially since the spices that they DO use contain gluten and I have no choice but to order it plain. My mom had the Guilt-Free Chicken and I tried a small bite. Not as good as the salmon, largely due to an excess of black pepper so far as I could tell, but not too bad.

The one dessert listed as gluten-free was described as a chocolate shake, and I was hungry enough to try it. It would be more accurately described as chocolate soft-serve ice cream than as a shake. Quite tasty, though.

The only thing I really didn't like about the place was that the music was about a notch and a half too loud. It wasn't quite loud enough that I wanted to blow up the speakers, but it was loud enough to be more than background. Still, it's nice to have another reasonably* safe restaurant to go to.

*There is always a risk of contamination at a restaurant that is not completely gluten-free. The simpler the dish, and the fewer ingredients in it, the less chance it has for contamination.

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