07 April 2008


What arrogance to presume knowledge, most especially knowledge about something often described as unknowable. Such desperate, fearful, clinging arrogance. It's a front, of course. The more desperately we cling to something the more terrified we are that it is going to go away, be revealed as a fraud. The more desperately we cling to something, the less faith we have in it, and the more we fear that it is not worthy of such faith. What good is an intricately constructed house built upon a foundation ready to crumble?

If there is such a thing as a conscious, willful, creator god, then the entire universe should in itself be revelation. At every term, every event must reveal such a god's handiwork. What arrogance, then, to place the works of humans above the works of such a creator-god. What arrogance to presume that one's own interpretation of this work of humans is the only valid one. What arrogance to place such limitations on this creator-god.

But the arrogance doesn't stop there. It only gets worse. When the creator-god's handiwork doesn't live up to believer expectations, rather than see this as reflecting the creator-god itself, it's transferred onto humans. Assume the conclusion; distort any thought-process, any evidence, any god, to make the conclusion fit. Is it not the most supreme form of arrogance to shape god rather than try to discover it? A creator-god requires a bigger box than the vanity of human presumption. Let it out of the book, already. Haven't you done enough damage?


Snark said...

I have to admit you have a point there. The Old Testament God does not behave very well. But, of course, I don't believe that the OT is anything but our own creation.

Now calm down, or you'll make yourself sick.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. Actually, I was fairly calm while writing that. I'm considering making rants in similar tones a weekly tradition, a la LaCroix's radio broadcasts on Forever Knight. Assuming I have something to rant about and am in the mood to use this particular tone of ranting. ^/^