06 April 2008

Annoying Day

Most annoying, I'm not sure why. I've been having cold chills and mood swings which seem to be connected. Not particularly severe mood swings, as they're the kind I can step back from and watch without much difficulty, but still annoying. That's the reason for the bevy of quizzes: distraction. I don't know if it's a cold, a response to my first large quantity of chocolate in several weeks, off-kilter hormonal fluctuations, a reaction to phenylephrine (most recent replacement of pseudoephedrine; only tried it this week), or something else entirely. It seems to have lifted somewhat at the moment.

However, I will say that Dexter is a good antidote to intermittent minor depression. I found the entire first season at Wal-Mart (yes--wal-mart--on a Sunday--don't ask--ICK). I'd already missed a few eps, as I tend to forget that there's actually something to watch on Sunday nights, so it's been handy to catch up. And I was half-wrong about the editing for tv. Yes, they edited out language. Not really any nudity thusfar, which is surprising given that it's a Showtime series. They did edit the scenes with Dexter carving up his victims, and cut out some of the in-station subplots that didn't directly involve Dexter. The last was most likely an issue of timing rather than rating.

I think, though, that the episode that aired tonight has to be my favorite so far. Several high-profile women who committed suicide in the same way had the same therapist...so Dexter goes to therapy! He finds it surprisingly helpful, to the point that he almost regrets killing the guy. Almost. Favorite line: "I can't kill him tonight; I need another therapy session."


Snark said...

I suspect the quizzes.

Qalmlea said...

Not unless cause and effect got reversed! '/^

Snark said...

Oh. Missed that. In that case, I suspect the quizzes and do not suspect the quizzes.