25 April 2008

On the Virtues of Air Purifiers....

On the assumption that the problem was allergies, I went out and bought an air purifier for my bedroom yesterday. The result is that, despite having trouble getting to sleep and feeling like I tossed and turned a lot, I woke up feeling much better, and actually rested. It does make some noise, but it's worth it to be able to breathe freely. I think I had trouble sleeping because my body had gotten so used to not being able to breathe properly that it didn't know what to do now that it could. I had this weird dream about not being able to sleep unless I came up with the right sort of quadratics... somehow, I don't think that was really the case, though. `/^

The filter is similar to this one. Same brand, next size up. Amazon doesn't seem to have the exact model I got. It does have the filters, but they're only $5 less than in town, which would probably be made up for by the shipping. Hmmm... Here's a site that has them for $19.75. That actually makes me very suspicious... Might be legit. *shrugs*

On to Math 123, where we shall simulate the Monty Hall switch/no switch dilemma.

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