25 April 2008

Philosophy Get-Together

I haven't made it to a philosophy club meeting for more than half the semester due to scheduling conflict, but tonight was an end of the semester get-together after the conflict. I planned to show up, mingle for a bit, and wander out. I didn't expect to stay for three hours nor to enjoy myself. Parties usually aren't my thing.

First off, there was food I could eat. Fruit, veggies, cheese and nuts, to be precise. There were also various breads and crackers and dips which, of necessity, I avoided. Possibly the dips were safe before people started dipping poisonous items in them. Possibly not.

There were also lots of people there whose company I enjoy, and I'm somewhat picky about that. Only one other person showed up from the math department, and he didn't stay for all that long. Plenty of people from the philosophy department were there, including most of the people I've seen/met at philosophy club. Also, Travis came, and he hasn't been around much this semester. He had a bit of a breakdown at the end of last semester, both health and mental as far as I've been able to tell, and has been recuperating. He has helped out with the taiji class in the past, and occasionally come to the Saturday morning class. Jen was more qualified to give him a pep talk than I was, and she recommended a book with an interesting title. The Noonday Demon.

Of course, my favorite moment of the evening was when meanings came up. I announced, "If everything weren't meaningless, nothing would have any meaning." When asked to elaborate, I waved. *grins*

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