01 April 2008

March Searchlight

First up, anyone here looking for gluten free info should just go to my gluten free tips index. I won't list out the relevant search terms as that would only divert traffic to this post. As for the rest of the search terms that led here... Read on:

flower printouts: surprisingly popular search term. It took me a while to figure out why it might lead to my blog... It was from Mom's birthday three years ago, when I printed out flowers and stuck them all over her wall. She actually left most of them up until she switched rooms.

sporadic hair loss: Better than consistent, I suppose... If it were me, I'd look for a correlation between foods and/or medications.

"overconsumption of tea": Can't say for anyone else, but, in large quantities, anything from the tea plant (camellia sinensis, iirc) makes me ill. Dizziness and nausea mainly. Basically, one or two cups a week is about all I can handle any more.

"what happens in a brothel": Ummm... You mean you don't know? Do your parents know what you're searching for? `/^

accidental dyeing clothes: Three options, (1) Live with the new color (most often my choice); (2) Re-wash it, putting bleach in the machine if there's no change; (3) Look next to the fabric dyes in a store; there's often a color-ridder product there (as I've never tried it, I can't say how well it works). Btw, if it's already been run through the dryer, you're probably stuck with (1)

ancient creatures: Much older than recent creatures.

chicken and leak stew: I suggest you buy a new stewpot...unless you meant the vegetable, leek.

dogs sporadic breathing: Unless your dog is undead, I'd suggest taking him to a vet.

explain the mathematics behind searchlights: ??? Er, the mathematics of the searchlight pattern, of the way the device works, or what?

om carved rock: Well, I have one... but I picked it up at a store in Boise. The closest I found online is this, which is nearly 8 times more expensive than the one I got.

origami paper with philosophical sayings: I've never seen it, but it sounds awesome!

ricinoleate rash: Next to gluten, ricinoleate is my biggest pet peeve as far as being put in products. It comes from the castor bean, whence ricin, a deadly poison, also derives. If you think normal processing can get out all the ricin and leave only the...whatever ricinoleate is...behind, you're dreaming.

squirrel flingers: ??? All that comes to mind is a bizarre anecdote that Hawkeye told on M*A*S*H. Found here

so this happened during my first year of medical school and i was in the middle of a test in my anatomy class, and it was really tough! It asked me questions like "how many bones are there in the human hand?" and I kept asking myself "how many bones are there in the human hand?" and out of nowhere i heard this little voice that said, "24!" and i looked around the classroom and there sitting on the windowsill was this little grey squirrel, with a very intelligent face, and it pointed at its hand and said "24" so i wrote it down. and right afterwards i ran to the library to check. And would you belive it, that stupid squirrel was off by 4 bones! So i ran all around the school campus trying to find him, i wanted to kill him! And i finally found him, he was sitting on a bench, next to the psych department. "You were wrong!" I screamed at him! "theres 28 bones in the human hand." and he said, "Oh! I thought you meant a squirrels hand."

the bacchae color theme: There was a color theme? My pages were in black and white...

use of purple in the living room: Just pair it off with good contrasting colors. Just like any other room in the house.

what it means to dream of bugs under your skin: It's a sign of a guilty conscience imploring you to make amends or it will make you suffer and squirm endlessly. That or it could just be that a limb was getting numb and tingly while you slept...

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