11 April 2008

Dexter, Season 1

I watched the first season finale of Dexter today. Wow. Impressive. And while I had figured out that the ice truck killer had some connection to Dexter's past, the actual connection hadn't occurred to me. It now seems quite obvious, but it certainly didn't occur to me before the reveal. No, I'm not going to spoil it here. I'm sure that someone else has posted it if you really want to know without watching.

I love seasonal plot arcs, where each episode still has a mostly self-contained plot, but there's an arc linking the season together. In this case, the link is the ice truck killer. I can't think of an episode without at least one minor detail connected to him. Most had more than one. Dexter is absolutely fascinated with the killer's work; it's beautiful to him. The killer seems equally fascinated with Dexter, as he keeps leaving him gifts and hints. At the end, killers collide in a battle for, er, well, that would be spoiling it, now, wouldn't it... `/^

Overall, I loved the series. Main edits for network television: language, minor violence cuts, and some nudity. The nudity is worst in eps 5 through 8, makes a minor repeat appearance in 11, and that's mostly it. Some of it was plot-relevant. About half of it was clearly, "Hey! We're Showtime! We get to show naked people!" And now... Now I have to wait for the second season to come out on DVD. Apparently it's possible to download for $1.99 an ep, but lacking a DVD burner, I'd just as soon wait. But for anyone with a morbid sense of fun, this is a good series to check out.

Okay, one minor spoiler, or preview, as it pertains to the second season and I haven't actually seen it yet. Apparently Dexter's body cache will be found, and he'll have a heckuva time keeping one step ahead of his own department. Now that sounds entertaining.

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