16 April 2008

GF: Stuff to Avoid

I'll expand this at some point, but the primary reason I'm writing is a reaction to a cereal that was shelved with Fred Meyer's specifically gluten free products. The specific product was Health Valley's "Corn Crunch 'Ems" cereal, essentially like corn Chex, but with no suspicious ingredients, and no warning that it had been processed on equipment that also processed items containing wheat, which is probably the source of the reaction.
So for now the list is very short. Avoid any Health Valley cereals, whether they're shelved with the gluten-free items or not. The only possible exception is if you find one actually labeled as gluten-free, but make bloody sure that it says "gluten free" NOT "made with gluten free ingredients."

I'll also put in a few of the less obvious ingredients to avoid, so that I have a list of more than one item.

  1. Caramel Color
  2. Dextrin (if unlabelled as to source)
  3. Dextrose (if unlabelled as to source)
  4. Health Valley: Corn Crunch 'Ems cereal
  5. Malt
  6. Mono and Di-Glycerides
  7. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
  8. Starch (if unlabelled as to source)
  9. Vegetable (*) (if unlabelled as to source)

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Incidentally, this cereal is almost certainly the reason I was feeling so lousy on Tuesday. The trash truck carried away what was left of it this morning.

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