18 April 2008

Random Trivia

I played a game of Freecell for the first time in quite a while today, and then I remembered an old roommate telling me that every Freecell game was winnable. I wondered about this, and found that the claim is quite common, but not quite true. This site has the best summary of those I looked at.

First off, it is not the case that every possible deal of Freecell is winnable (first illustration at the link). However, it turns out that the game "only" produces about 32,000 deals (far less than the total number actually possible via random chance). Of those 32,000 deals, all but one is winnable: Game 11982. So every other deal that comes up on the Windows Freecell game is winnable.

Now I'm curious as to how many of the total possible deals are actually winnable... ^/^

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