15 April 2008

Getting There

Amazingly, next week is the last "real" week of classes, then dead week, then finals' week. This semester has been a bit odd. Being sick for a full month has turned the beginning into a rather unpleasant blur in my mind. A very long unpleasant blur. Comparatively, everything else has gone quickly.

My entire Math123 class did very well on their last test. The lowest score was a 70%. However, my Math143 class did horribly on their logarithm test. I wound up curving it so that the average score was a 70% instead of being right around 60%. Last fall's class also did very poorly on that test, but they had the excuse that the test was the week after Thanksgiving Break. I'm wondering if it's connected to logs being taken out of the Math 108 curriculum so that they're brand new to nearly everyone in 143. As for stats, we're on hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.

Yeah, I'm rambling. Yesterday I got cold chills in the afternoon and started feeling very tired. This morning I felt wretched. After getting a decent lunch and an hour nap, I made it through my last class okay, and I feel semi-okay right now. Hopefully that was the worst of it and tomorrow I'll wake up feeling better. Which means I should head to bed.


kate said...

Sickness always attacks at the end of the sememster, eh?

My upcoming "dead week" is quite lively. Especially with packing and whatnot. But then, four months of summer! Hooray for a break from classes...

Qalmlea said...

Once I figured out it was that cereal making me sick, and stopped eating it, it went away.

And I'm looking forward to warm days where I can take off to the mountains and hike, hike, hike (oh, and snap, snap, snap lots of pictures).

kate said...

Yes, summer is wonderful for being out of doors. And Idaho is dry, which I am glad for after a winter in Oregon!