20 March 2008

Who's Expelling Whom?

Background: Expelled is a movie paid for by the so-called "intelligent design" crowd, "explaining" how scientists who speak up for the idea of design are expelled. I'm told it makes the stronger claim that all theistic scientists are also expelled and discriminated against, etc. So you'd think that such people would be open and inclusive and welcoming to all points of view, right? You'd think that they'd want to preserve open discussion to show how much better they are than the evil, nasty evilutionists. Well, they've proven once again that, when it comes to free inquiry and discussion, they demand rigidly defined off-limit areas. P.Z. Myers was expelled from a screening of this movie. You'll have to click to find out the best part, though. ^/^

UPDATE: Here is a post from someone who did make it in. Apparently the cdesign proponentsists are trying to spin this as PZ causing a disturbance and harassing people whilst trying to "sneak" in. Uh huh. Suuuuuure. How exactly is it "sneaking in" to put your own name on a list and show your own photo-ID, hmmm?


John said...

I decided not to make a post about this. I think I may be the only one.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. It was just so...hypocritical to the very idea of their movie that I couldn't resist.

John said...

It was funny (so very funny), but too many people had already bloged about it when I found out. I'm not much of a joiner.