14 March 2008

Turkey Sausage?

WinCo has this strange habit of not carrying the sausage that I like in warmer months. I have yet to figure out why, but it's rather annoying, as the only other sausage that I've found in town that I like and doesn't have questionable ingredients can only be bought frozen, which doesn't work so well if you want to cook it for a meal as soon as you get home. So on Thursday, in a mild fit of desperation, I decided to try some turkey sausage that WinCo did have in stock.

I expected it to be mediocre, edible but not very good. It's quite a bit better than that, actually. It's certainly in the top 50% of sausages that I've had. The texture is just a touch off from pork-sausage, likely because it has so little fat (in fact, I had to add some oil to the skillet when I cooked it). The flavor is pretty good. Better than low-end pork sausage, but not as good as the really good pork sausage. That, though, probably depends more on the spice mix than on the meat itself. The only way to be sure would be to have them use an identical spice mix on pork sausage and compare.

I haven't yet tried this sausage just cooked on its own in patties; that will be the crucial, final test. But it is very good on rice cake pizza, and pretty good in my staple "sausage-with-tomato-sauce-and-GF-pasta". Pam called it "goulash", but as I don't use beef in it, that name seems inappropriate. There I particularly notice the texture difference. It's not bad...just not quite as good as it could be. Still, I was pleasantly surprised. It was definitely on the high end of the spectrum for sausages.

On a completely different note, I bought an iris at K-Mart tonight. There was no tag. The cashier couldn't find a tag at the display, and had to run an override and just type in the price. So my iris showed up as "socks" on the receipt. I suppose that might be the default label, but who knows...

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