02 March 2008

Self Inflicted Meme (Now with more than 13% more Solutions!)

I can't remember what I was searching for when I came across this meme, or if it was a random link, or whatever, but it's exactly the kind of thing I like, so I figured I'd go for it.

Meme rules:
1. Pick 15 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions. Totally cheating, you dirty cheaters.

Left to identify:

10a. Jake, in order to buy $120,000 worth of gold, you need $120,000.
10b. You're tryin' to tell me that your little pussycat came from another planet in another galaxy in a spacecraft and landed right here on earth...?
The Cat From Outer Space Preview Here

13a. My driving is rivaled only by the lightning bolts from the heavens!
13b. Of course you know certain sceptics note that perhaps 10,000 of the nations's most elite highway patrolmen are out there waiting for us after we start, but let's stay positively: Think of the fact that there's not one state in the 50 that has the death penalty for speeding... although I'm not so sure about Ohio.
The Cannonball Run Opening Credits and 20th Century Fox Crash

Other players: John, Fibonacci, Snark.

Go over and take a look. Much to my surprise, I was unable to identify ANY of the ones posted by Snark and Fibonacci. Recognized a few, but not well enough to put them to a movie.

RE-UPDATE: New player. Fibonacci has decided to join in.

UPDATE: I've decided to label two more that required an extra quote from me for someone to guess, and I've also added an extra quote to the two other holdouts. The extra quotes ought to be obvious to anyone who's seen the movies. Particularly #10.

Note: Since mine are mostly labeled now, John has some more. And I've moved up the holdouts to make them easier to see.

1. People in your country do not like conversation? - Last Samurai

2. Ok, you people! Sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by dawn... call the president. - Big Trouble in Little China

3. I'm afraid currency is the currency of the realm. -Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

4. When someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"! -Ghostbusters

5. Either you're part of the problem or you're part of the solution or you're just part of the landscape. -Ronin

6. So, Peter, you've become a pirate. -Hook

7. Uh, begin, commence, start moving... theoretically you have been racing for about forty seconds now, and so far Mr. Schaffer is winning because he's nearest to the door. -Rat Race

8.a. When I come back, I expect to find you gone. Wait for me!
8.b. I'm not a Brewster! I'm the son of a sea cook!
-Arsenic and Old Lace

9. Beware all wenches. -Blackbeard's Ghost

11. Well, ain't this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere! -O Brother, Where Art Thou

12a. You remember the day I went out for cigarettes and didn't come back? You must have noticed.
12b. There's a ninety-five pound Chinese man with a hundred sixty million dollars behind this door.
-Ocean's 11

14. No crater? But I want a crater! I want wreckage, twisted metal. Something the world will not forget! -Pink Panther Strikes Again

15. Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? -Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Qalmlea said...

Fibonacci identified the ones posted thusfar, but is too shy to post a comment saying so.

John said...

2 - Big Trouble in Little China
4 - Ghostbusters
5 - Ronin
7 - Rat Race
9 - Blackbeard's Ghost
11 - O Brother, Where Art Thou
14 - Pink Panther Strikes Again

I don't know the other unanswered ones.

John said...

#8 was really familiar, and it was bugging me.

I won't give the answer, though, since I had to look it up.

Now I feel, dumb. I should have known that one.

Qalmlea said...

Correct on all, and I did pick a rather obscure one for #8. Mainly because the others that came to mind were far too obvious.

John said...

It may be obscure, but I love that movie. I just haven't seen it in probably more than 10 years.

Qalmlea said...

Actually, I meant that the quote I chose from the movie was obscure. Others would make it extremely obvious to ANYone who'd seen it. I suppose the movie itself is obscure, too, though. Older, anyway.

Snark said...

Well, I've only seen 8, 11 and 15, which doesn't surprise me. I've been living under a cultural rock for six hundred years. Maybe I'll make my own list.

Qalmlea said...

Of those you haven't seen, I'd recommend (1) and (5) the most. The others are all good, too, just not "great" in most cases. Though if you liked Holy Grail, you'd probably like Rat Race (7). No guarantees, of course. ^/^