21 March 2008

Nietzsche and Plato

For the midterm in Philosophy/Literature, we had to pick two philosophers that we'd read, discuss their views on tragedy, and then apply them to the plays we'd read. The philosophers are Plato, Nietzsche, Aristotle, and Hegel. It was a bit too structured for my tastes, but I would recommend to anyone else not to do Nietzsche and Plato together. I'll give a short explanation of why.

Plato doesn't care for tragedy because it exposes the deep feelings the people have and generally suppress in polite company. He considers this a failing of tragedy. Nietzsche loves it for exactly the same reason, and thinks that the deep oneness at the heart of the world is, by it very nature, tragic. My head hurts from trying to write from both perspectives in one night. But the paper's done...unless I reread it tomorrow and hate it. Technically it was due by whenever they lock up the liberal arts building, but he offered us the option to e-mail it to him by Monday...so long as he gets a hardcopy on the following Monday, as demons usually eat his e-mail. Or so he says.

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