29 March 2008

Paradoxical Art (and Book)

I picked up a book called A Brief History of the Paradox today. I haven't made it very far yet, but so far I like it. But it was the cover art that inspired this post:

The artist is Rob Gonsalvez. I'd seen this picture somewhere-or-other before, but not with an artist name attached to it. I found several galleries, and liked over half of the images. There's lots of overlap, but I think each link has at least one image unique to that gallery. I love these pictures. Very reminiscent of Escher, but with a more naturalistic focus that appeals to me even more.

But while I was searching for Gonsalvez, I stumbled across another artist with a similar flair, Jacek Yerka.

I don't like his stuff quite as well as Gonsalvez, mainly because there's a stronger element of fantasy I think, but I still enjoyed looking through the gallery. At the link, the most stuff can be found by clicking on "My Worlds" and then "Pastels" (or click here to go straight to them).


John said...

looks similar to MC Escher's work

John said...

Wow, I totally missed that you said that in your post.

[John suffers as -2 penalty to Reading Comprehension]

Qalmlea said...

I should probably note somewhere that I misspelled the name. It's Gonsalves. Minor misspelling, clearly corrected at the galleries, but for anyone confused by it, it's just my own blunder.