13 November 2007


3 more days of antibiotics left. Today's the first day where I've really felt like I turned the corner. Up until 19:00 I was feeling much better. Apparently 4 lectures is just one too many, even on a good day. On the bright side, there are only 7 more T/Th left in the semester.

We've got Mom's new desks 90% put together now. There's one drawer left on the smaller desk, and none of the drawers have been slid into place yet, as Mom doesn't want to have to take them back out when she moves the desks into their semi-permanent homes.

*sighs* I am very much looking forward to break next week, to the point that it doesn't quite seem real. Then two more real weeks, dead week, and finals week. I'm not really processing that next week is break, yet, so I'm not really trying to process beyond that.

And I've loved the first few chapters of The Golden Compass. Excellent writing, engaging characters, thusfar intriguing plot, and a few rather obvious jabs at The Chronicles of Narnia, starting with a girl hiding in a wardrobe. If there's a magical world inside it, though, it hasn't been revealed yet. ^/^

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