11 November 2007

Bible Quiz

Everyone should take this.

"What Do You ReallyKnow About The Bible?"

Congratulations! You scored 36 correct out of 50!

40 - 50: Wow! You know more than a minister, priest, or rabbi!

30 - 39: Congratulations! Better informed than most Americans

20 - 29: Passing Grade

10 - 19: Did you get your bible knowledge from Sunday School?

0 - 9: Don't feel bad. You may be better off not knowing much about the bible.

Average score: 15

Disclaimer: This comes from the FFRF (Freedom from Religion Foundation), so of course you know there's a bias. But the questions are still textually accurate, whether you agree with the FFRF or not. You may disagree with their interpretations when you go to read the answers, but they're still only using the words that are really there.

ADDENDUM: I just discovered a post discussing the very idea of reading the actual words that are there vs. "interpreting" them.


John said...

I got 42/50,

Several questions were from Leviticus, and if "Stone him/her/them to death" is a choice, it is always correct.

Qalmlea said...

Yeah, I noticed that. A few I knew; a few I guessed on based on the pattern.

Fibonacci said...

I got 44/50. I take issue with the statement that it's just the exact words of the test; in more than one place it has a paraphrase in quotes. There were some where I disagreed with the answers but got them right because I knew what passage was being referenced and what they were getting at.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. ^/^ And yet, it's still a translation, is it not?