30 November 2007

Lyrical Madness

This morning, I had a song from Sweeney Todd stuck in my head, so I went to look up the lyrics. It's amazing what people can misspell and mis-hear. Anyway, this is the bit that was in my head (I fixed the typos I was sure about, but there may be some I missed; so far all three sites have identical errors):

There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
and the vermin of the world inhabit it
and its morals aren't worth what a pig can spit
and it goes by the name of London.
At the top of the hole sit the privileged few
Making mock of the vermin in the lower zoo
turning beauty to filth and greed...
I too have sailed the world and seen its wonders,
for the cruelty of men is as wondrous as Peru
but there's no place like London!

The weirdest mistake is here: "The lady, sir, did she, sir, come?" This should be: "The lady, Sir, did she succumb?" It makes no sense whatsoever the first way. I'll have to check the lyrics book that came with my CD's and see if it was printed wrong there.

At any rate, you might guess that a pleasant mood would not put a song like this into one's head. It would be accurate to say that it's been a less than pleasant week, for a variety of reasons. Working on homicidal bots (the chatting kind; not the mechanical kind) is therapeutic.

On the plus side, I did get all my mom's new office furniture put together, and started moving desks around between the two sides of the building on Wednesday. Her boss's old desk wouldn't fit through the doors until we took the legs off and turned it sideways. We also got the desk that I'm getting moved out of the main office area, without dismantling it, and rearranged some of the stuff that IS staying in the main office area. That part of the week was good. There was one thing Mom forgot to have me help with before I took off...and I can't for the life of me remember what it was, now, but we're mostly done.

Wednesday overall was a good day, actually. At College Market, we discussed Hamlet, with connections to the Euthydemus, Jungian archetypes, and anything else that came to mind. That was fun.

It's just that when you feel like you're balancing on the edge of a knife, it doesn't take whole hell of a lot to throw you off. So... I'm at the point where I could really do with an explosion or twenty. I just want to see something blow up, preferably at close range. If it could be an ISU building (preferably empty), that would be a bonus, but I'd settle for even a miniature replica. Actually, I think I'd be happy with a simulated explosion, so long as it was sufficiently graphic. Might be a good time to watch the new James Bond movie. Surely SOMETHING gets blown up in it.

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