01 November 2007

Blasted Bronchioles

Course of illness:

Sunday: severe sneezing and runny nose; felt like allergies.
Monday: Mild cough, a bit of fatigue.
Tuesday: Felt mostly better, but the cough was slightly worse.
Wednesday: Worse. Much worse. By the afternoon, I was having mega-breathing problems.
Wednesday night: Ever try to sleep when your body wants to cough? I finally found a position to lie in where the coughing went down to once every hour instead of once every ten to twenty minutes.
Today: Considered going to Portneuf Urgent Care...but the new inhaler my mom brought over seems to have alleviated the major breathing problems. My own inhalers were, well, past their "use by" date. And I plan to acquire some cough suppressant...though the cough actually seems to be 99% dead at the moment. Still, I want to be able to sleep tonight. Ergo, cough suppressant.

*sighs* Bronchitis. I haven't had a bout of it in probably five years. Maybe longer. I absolutely hate and despise not being able to breathe. Admittedly, the shakiness that results from the inhaler isn't much fun either, but at least I don't feel like I'm going to pass out from it.

UPDATE: cancelled my evening classes. Made it through the ones during the day. Math 108 was the hardest, and I suspect it was because of all the steps I had to climb to get into the building almost immediately before starting. But I managed a solid 20 minute lecture, then sat down. I spent my office hour getting homework written for the cancelled classes and hunting down a logarithm worksheet for the one un-cancelled class. I talked for about half the time there, feeling mostly all right until I hit the half hour mark. Then I knew it was a good thing I'd grabbed something for the students to work on without me talking.

And, by the way, cough suppressant really does suppress coughs. I couldn't tell you whether I'm tired due to the medication or due to the poor quality of sleep last night. At any rate, it's nice not to have a persistent need to cough. There's still an occasional cough; I'd forgotten that it's possible to cough enough to make your diaphragm and back muscles sore.

I'm still planning to drive down to the philosophy conference tomorrow. Getting out of town would be awfully nice. I feel 95% all right so long as I'm not moving around much, so I think I'll be all right to drive. And I think I'll start rambling aimlessly if I try to type any more, so that's all for now.


James F. McGrath said...

I hope you will feel better. Having said that, I've chosen to infect you with something else. Enjoy this mutating blog meme I've tagged you with! :)


Qalmlea said...

LOL. I think I'm up to that.

John said...

That's the song from Karate Kid 2, right?

I really liked it at first, but the radio station overplayed it until I couldn't stand it anymore. I haven't heard it for years now, so I'm sure I could enjoy it again.

John said...

Dammit! Sorry, wrong thread. Ignore the above comment. It wasn't me.

Qalmlea said...

Regardless of which thread, Glory of Love was the song from Karate Kid II. And I didn't listen to the radio enough to get annoyed by the overplay. ^/^

James F. McGrath said...

Wow, we probably could have got a serious list of 80s songs without the need for infection memes.

Presumably Toto's "Africa" would also fit the category pretty well...