22 November 2007


I just saw an ad for a resumption of "American Gladiator." My first thought was WHY?!????!?? Me second... Oh, yeah, they don't need writers for American Gladiator. There are two shows that I'll miss if the strike continues: Chuck and Moonlight. Heroes, well, sort of, except that I haven't seen the first two seasons, so I doubt that I'll miss it nearly as much as the other two, as I can rent or buy the first two seasons and get all caught up. Also, it looks like they've planned the season's climax to happen just as the new scripts run out.

Personally, I'd prefer that they just let the tubes go blank if all they've got are reality shows and pseudo-combat silliness. Oh, and, yes, I used to like American Gladiator. When I was twelve.

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