07 November 2007

Health Status +miscellaneous

My cold seems to have acquired a bacterial colonization. Actually, I'm betting that colonization started last Wednesday, because it was on its way out up to then. I went to Portneuf Urgent Care Sunday night because I was relatively certain the cold had turned bacterial. The doctor asked me not to fill the prescription unless the cold wasn't gone by today. And, no, it's still here; same as it's been for the last several days. My colds generally don't do that. I have 1-3 bad days, then things gradually diminish over the next week or so.

However, cancelling classes Thursday night and then going to UU on Friday made me feel immeasurably better, like I'd had a nice, long vacation. I actually feel like I'm in school mode now.

My mom also got antibiotics yesterday, for her swollen cheek. They told her it was "a sinus infection related to the surgery". She's hoping she's not allergic to the antibiotic this time. The first antibiotic they gave her after the surgery made her feel exhausted and nauseous; they then switched her to amoxicillin (I swear that should have a 'y' in it, but that seems to be an uncommon spelling). Now they've given her something stronger than amoxicillin, but in a different family from the one that made her sick.

Oh, philosophy test today. I'm glancing over texts and the study guide.

And since I keep forgetting, I've gotten a few more chapters of the Tao te Ching up:

Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13

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