19 November 2007

Furniture Frenzy

Yesterday, we took the hutch off of Mom's old computer desk so that we could get it (and the main desk piece) into the back of Dad's pickup. It was a matter of about 10 screws and four dowels to put it back together once we got it down to American Falls. Then I put the last of the drawers from the new desks together and, after getting the desks where Mom wanted them, we set about putting the drawers into their proper slots.

There was a slight problem. Every last one of the small drawers, with the weaker runners, had the runner on backwards and/or upside down. So far as I can tell, I got them on right...then forgot which end was forward when I was putting all the rest of the pieces on, and managed to do this consistently. Thankfully, that was a job that the electric screwdriver could handle, so it was a matter of minutes to fix them all. There's still one drawer not inserted, however, as the very last drawer handle had gotten smooshed somehow. At first, it wouldn't even stay in place on the brackets. I managed to unsmoosh it, somewhat, enough that it would stay, but then the pieces that are supposed to keep it from colliding with the wood weren't lined up right, so...it was colliding with the wood. Mom's hoping to find a replacement tonight at Lowe's.

I also started putting her bookshelves together. One of them is 99% together. All that's left is to put in the dowels that support the movable shelves, and the covers for the visible cam-locks. The second is about 85% together, as I was fed up with hammering and didn't get the back nailed on. They go together a heckuva lot faster than the desks do. There are two more still in their boxes, which I'll probably wind up taking care of if Mom drags me down there again this week.

At that point, I could tell I wouldn't be much more use without food, but even after the food I had a slightly...hinky feeling, like I might glue something together backwards without noticing, so I stopped and wandered over to the nearby park for a while. It was gorgeous and sunny when I got there, plenty warm enough for the light jacket I was wearing. Gradually the wind and the clouds picked up. I got some nice shots of the clouds that I may sort through and post, but meanwhile it was getting colder. Finally it was too cold and I headed back to Mom's offices.

Oh, I'm also getting one of the old metal desks that was down there, partially as recompense for my help, but mostly because Mom wants to get rid of it. It will be nice to have a desk with drawers in it again. It's a rather nice, bright yellow. ^/^

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