12 November 2007

Definitely a Rip Off...

Spoiler and a mild rant below the fold. This Friday's Moonlight had something that really had to have been ripped straight from Forever Knight. It's too distinctive not to have been.

Coraline, Mick's former vamp wife, comes back and somehow she's become human. Of course, it took the entire episode to be certain of this. I actually figured that Coraline had found a human ringer and deliberately set things up so Mick would meet her, but, no, the human is, in fact, Coraline.

There's only one other place where I've seen a vampire suddenly return to humanity, and that was in one of Fred Saberhagen's books (I forget which one). A newly turned vampire desperately needs to get into a place where she hasn't been invited, and by sheer force of will, manages to turn herself back human so that she can. In Forever Knight, Janet fell in love with a human, and loved him deeply enough to turn herself human for him (completely out of keeping with Janet's character, btw).

While the plot device was borrowed, they're using it in a novel way. Coraline brought Mick over against his will, and he never forgave her for it. In point of fact, he tried to burn her alive and thought he'd succeeded. So now she's back, and human, and so far just playing with him. It's an interesting use of the device, but it still bugs me to see it lifted wholesale. *shrugs*


John said...

Then there's Darla from Angel. Plus, in one episode Angel becomes human himself.

Qalmlea said...

True, but Darla was resurrected as a human, so that's quite a bit different. And that may turn out to be what happened to Coraline, but for now she's just "shown up" and somehow she's "human." No triggering event shown in the episode. It just feels very much like the FK version, especially with Coraline's history with Mick.

John said...

As long as they don't do a "main character in an asylum, is it all a delusion?" episode.

Star Trek:DS9 and Buffywere guilty of this one

Qalmlea said...

I must have missed the DS9 one. I do remember one from ST:TNG where Riker was trapped in some sort of delusion. The only detail I remember was when one of his fellow prisoners confided that she'd managed to scavenge parts for a communicator, then pulled out a spoon and started talking into it...and then the spoon got taken away.

Btw, why is it always a spoon?!?