31 October 2007

October Searchlight

What were people looking for when they found themselves in my inchoate domain? Click below to find out.

angel doors: Uh, do angels need doors? Or are you looking for doors with angels on them? `/^
kitty bowls: try TJ Maxx if you're looking to buy them. I also found them at The Cupboard in Fort Collins
Professor Umbrage: I take Umbrage that this search led to my blog! Well, no, not really, but it seemed like a good thing to say...
great roc spreads wings: Not an official name in the CMC form, I'm told, but I forget who coined the name.
lay down and deliver: Ummm... most of the stuff that comes to mind I ain't gonna type. Unless you have to crawl under a porch to get to a mailbox?
lighted lightswitch: Easier to install when the previous remodelers haven't put wood paneling over the old switch, without a large enough hole for extraction.
memo paper riddle: Uh... what did one memo say to the other? I'm more random than you are! (Anyone who can come up with something better, feel free to share)
ten commandments solon: Sensible.
8fab3af85b833781dd07fd9924ac3d17: ??? No clue.
b6 armor shot pattern: So, uh, not the vitamin then?
brief summary of sweeney todd: Barber who slits throats gets his just desserts, in more ways than one.
chuck monday tv: Ridiculous, but so far entertaining.
buy hindu mantra chanting alarm clock: Impressive. Does such a thing exist?
confusiousism outline: You might find more useful info here.
decongestant and searchlights market: ??? Ummm... do searchlights need decongestant?
can a person go through ibuprofen withdrawal: Yes. Definitely. Unpleasant. It took me about a week to get over the sporadic headaches, but supposedly some people take more than a month.
dog breathing problems sporadic: You might want to see a vet. Dogs can have allergies and/or asthma.
evil phonebots: Aren't they all?
example of a summary of what you think about a philosophy class: I think it's bloody brilliant. But seriously, is this a homework assignment? You don't know how to write a summary?
f8ed "comic": Yeah, I messed with the name to fit my bizarre alphabet obsession. But there's a link down under "comics".
fungus spots concrete patio: Not sure how that got you here, but you might ask at your local nursery or hardware store.
how does orland bloom evolve during the kingdom of heaven: He evolves into a komodo dragon! Or, no, wait, that was Janeway. Never mind.
m&ms use imported dextrin: Probably. Either way, until they label the source for their dextrin, I ain't eatin' them. Tapioca is common, but it could be wheat.
malfoy with the moving origami paper: ??? If this was in the books, I seem to have repressed it.
maunderings of the master: Well, I've got a Master's degree in math. Will I do? `/^
quiz sporadic: Is that anything like an occasional table?
public service announcement healthy teeth: Wow. Someone actually searched for that?
shedding skin on your feet: Possibly athlete's foot, possibly something worse. Hydrogen peroxide works well for my foot problems, but I am most certainly not a doctor.
things that affect my health: pollution, nutrition, bombs, bullets, uh... you might want to be more specific.
the life & letters of tofu roshi: Good read. Recommended. It's a very good introduction to looking at the world from a different perspective.
triangular breathing: Well, Don's version is to empty the lungs, breathe in, filling the lower lungs first, for a count of seven, hold for a count of seven, and breathe out, emptying the top of the lungs first, for a count of seven, seven times. There are probably others.
weird dye jobs: Hey! My curtains turned out very nicely!
xotic saran wrap: *blinks* I don't think I want to know...

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