11 August 2007

Welcome Back

Fibonacci, minus a couch, has come back to Pocatello after wandering a bit. The couch was one his parents no longer had room for. Neither did the stairways down to this apartment. Well, one stairway did, but then the corners into the hallway were too sharp. Basically, we needed to remove a wall. Then it would have gone down there. Everything else fit just fine. Presumably he's dropped the couch off at Goodwill by now and is on his way back to Twin to return the U-Haul and pick up his car. Well, not literally pick it up, unless he'd like to add a back injury to the coolant expenses.

So... appropriate way to welcome him back... Hmmm... Darn it, I don't have any tarantulas or scorpions! ;^) I could round up a bunch of earwigs, but frankly they bother me more than tarantulas or scorpions. Well, there's this old postcard of Lava Hot Springs, which is completely irrelevant. And here's one of Pocatello...which is, at least, the correct city. Ah, here we are. An old image of ISU, apparently once called the "State Academy." Unless I'm very confused, that looks like the current Administration building, with Graveley behind it. Not nearly as much other stuff built around them then, though. :^)

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