07 August 2007

On the Rebound


I won't be certain for about a week, but I may not have a cold or allergies at all. I may be having "Rebound Headaches." Generally, these are caused by overuse of analgesics to treat headaches, but apparently they can also be caused by overuse of analgesics for other symptoms, like, oh, say, swelling in the knee. The best information I could find is here. Thankfully my knee hasn't been swelling up as much, so discontinuing the ibuprofen isn't going to cause me problems with it. I hope. There's always ice.

My head is another story. At the moment it feels like someone is slowly tightening a metal band around it. Strangely, foods high in potassium seem to help. For a little while. So does walking. Generally the symptoms take a week or so to go away after stopping the medication. So this week is going to be lots of fun. Yeah.

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