22 August 2007

Random Revelations

Okay... note to self (and the rest of the world who happen to read this entry): do not hold kittens to show to potential adopters; have the adopters come sit on the stairs and coax them. They were fussing and clawing yesterday for Mom, and they've known her nearly as long as they've known me. The reason seems to be that they were being held, and outside. So, no more holding and showing. I might have one fewer kitten if I'd realized that on Sunday. Too late now, though.

Also, when I ordered my "text" books from Amazon, I managed to get them delivered to my dad's house instead of mine. So according to the Tracking info, two of them have been delivered... I just have to go pick them up tomorrow. And take dad a zucchini and some corn. It's so sad to see his garden empty this year. It's never been empty before, not since I was old enough to notice. Now he can't see well enough to plant it, and the bloody cataracts are fixable. *stops ranting*


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