24 August 2007

So, Who Lost the War?

Why, Bush Lost the War! I'm not going to hunt down and link to each and every article from Informed Comment, but in essence, the "Surge" did nothing but put more of our soldiers at risk, as there was actually an increase in violence in Baghdad this July over last July. In addition, our "allies" in Iraq may actually be looking to Iran for support (which makes the administration's continued hostility to Iran seem...Orwellian at best). Whenever the military is attacked, it's always by Al Qaeda. Even when, well, it's not. Um, yeah...

Back to Bush's inane Vietnam comparison... Is he actually suggesting that we should have stayed in Vietnam? Seriously? I mean, I've always known that he wasn't too bright, but that's not just mental; that's put-a-strait-jacket-on-him-and-start-the-thorazine! Oh, and, Mr. President? You sort of missed the actual similarities to Vietnam: (1) We shouldn't have gone in in the first place; (2) It was/is an increasingly unpopular war; (3) Quagmire, quagmire, quagmire, quagmire; (4) The only option worse than leaving is staying. I'm sure I've missed some, but thinking too hard about this stuff just makes me angry.


Completely unrelated, but as long as I'm linking to Useless Tree, there's another excellent post on some problems associated with religion. Mostly from a Chinese perspective.

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John said...

"Is he actually suggesting that we should have stayed in Vietnam?"

Yes, he is. It's one of those "Reality is stranger than fiction" moments. Nobody could make this stuff up.