20 August 2007


Knee: Much better. For the most part, I don't need the brace any more. However, for strenuous activity, I'm still going to wear it, and every so often I do get a twinge, which tells me to put it on for a while. In particular, it didn't do well when I was wearing my $10 "birkenstocks".

Neck: Almost back to normal. I can't prove that the stretches actually helped, but they made ME feel better. And one of Mom's friends/coworkers actually had a Shiatsu neck massager that she let me borrow... Nice. I told Mom she could get me one just like it for Christmas. The great thing is that you can put it wherever you need it. It's primarily aimed at the neck, but I put it on a stiff spot on my back as well.

Kittens: Still four. A family came to look at them Sunday night, but the kittens were being rambunctious and the mom freaked out. Any animal will take time to get used to new people, and when kittens are nervous they're going to scratch. Supervision is, of course, important at this stage, since her kids looked to be maybe two and three, but the kittens will calm down after a while. These people had clearly not been around cats very much. Anyway, the ad runs out on Sunday. Not sure what I'll do if there are no more calls.

ISU: Starts next week and I still haven't done anything with my syllabi. I'm planning to go in tomorrow morning before the 108 meeting (the math class; not my goal-system) and get some of them outlined. The books I ordered through Amazon may or may not be here by Monday. We shall see.

Zucchini Casserole: I ate the last serving of it tonight. I think I got six meals out of it. Pretty good for something with no expensive ingredients.

Mom's Business: We finished the measuring today, with me wearing a respirator rated for mold. Naturally only the most expensive one was so-rated, but Mom paid for it, so I can't complain too much. She suggested that she might have me put water filters in down there. I told her I would charge her for that, as I really don't enjoy plumbing. That didn't bother her; apparently she prefers me to a plumber because she knows that I will actually show up and get the job done. *shrugs* On the up-side, I now know what sort of connectors to avoid, and if they come with the filter kit, I will replace them.

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