31 August 2007


So... two days ago I signed up for Google Analytics on my blog. Since there's only two days worth of data, I didn't expect anything interesting, but I've already got two bizarre searches getting people here. Not as bizarre as Matt's (don't click if you don't like strong language), but still...

1. dodecatheon pulchellum jeffreyi
2. zinc supplements making me nauseous

Ah, the first one is one of my flower pictures from two summers ago: The Shooting Star.

As for the second, before I realized I was gluten-intolerant, zinc supplements DID make me nauseous. But then last fall my symptoms matched zinc-withdrawal, and I found that Cal-Mag-Zinc didn't make me nauseous. I have since started an occasional direct zinc supplement, without becoming ill from it. *checks bottle* 30 mg of zinc amino acid chelate. The supplement that made me nauseous was 100 mg.

Oh, I first heard of Google Analytics in a comic. Since I already had a google account through blogger, sign-up was easy. Hmmm... time to head for work.


IAMB said...

You know, I don't think you'd want your blog associated with the sorts of things I get every month. Then again, mine wouldn't get them either if I didn't feel compelled to post results every month.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. Yeah... mine are a bit more serene, and less surreal. So far the dog-philosophy one has been the most bizarre.