06 August 2007

108 Days, Again

3o July marked the end of the second set of 108 days. I didn't quite make my goal. I missed the sword form on the day we drove back from Oregon. That was 3 June. So I only made 50 days of my full goal. Or 57 counting from then on. But I did make three rounds of the bare-hand form for the full 108 days. And I met all the other minimum requirements from the original goal. I haven't officially started on a new goal yet, largely because I either have a minor cold or major allergies at the moment. I'm keeping up the minimum, and maybe a bit extra. For my next goal, I'll probably go down to two rounds of the form and add ten minutes of standing/strengthening exercises. I want to keep the sword form in there, too. It was so much easier to follow Bataan, Beth, and Lee this year, and I suspect it's because I've been doing that form much more regularly.

For now, I think I'll try to manage two rounds of the bare-hand form and the minimum, and wait on the rest. When my head clears up, I'll start trying to add in the rest.

On a completely different note, I had to rescue a kitten stuck in a tree today. I had just called my mom to see if she'd get dad's extension ladder when the kitten finally made it down to where I could reach her with my step ladder. I'm sure she could have gotten down from there on her own. Eventually. But as she'd shown a tendency to climb UP rather than DOWN, I just grabbed her when she was within reach. Amazingly, I didn't get scratched. Of course, I grabbed her by the scruff first, then used the other hand to pry her claws out of the tree trunk. Anyway, she's now safe inside with the others.

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