28 August 2007

Brief Summary

Math108 - More smoothly today.
Math143 - Lecture on functions and function notation, then a chat with a vision-impaired student. Basically, she's fine with anything on computer, as she can enlarge stuff to the size she can actually read, so I just need to make sure and e-mail her any and all handouts.
Math253 - I underplanned things, but as it's the first day, that's not a major problem. Next time: Graphs!
Math015 - Slightly underplanned, but not as badly. The first chapter is plain ol' arithmetic, so it tends to go pretty quickly anyway.

And now I'm exhausted. Thankfully, tomorrow is an easy day. One lecture to give; one to listen to. Night.

Oh, I seem to have wound up swapping office-mates... Andrew had moved down the hall to share with Caitlin. And Ysabel's nameplate is now under mine... Haven't seen her, though. It's possible someone was just moving nameplates around. Who knows.


Fibonacci said...

I'm back with Chad again. I briefly had to change my name to Ahsan.

Qalmlea said...

^!^ I noticed that. Still no sign of Ysabel, though.